Selby Paper Mill Exhibition

Wednesday 19th April, 2017

We will be in Selby on Wednesday 26th April, at the Cunliffe Centre for a public exhibition to consult on the emerging plans for the former Paper Mill site. 

1pm till 8pm, a drop in exhibition where, together with other members of the design project team, we will be at hand to discuss the scheme. More information can be found on the project blog website.

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Selby Paper Mill Public Consultation

We are hard at work preparing our consultation material for the Public Event organised for Wednesday 26th April, next week! 

We look forward to presenting our emerging masterplan and vision for the site with members of the local community, and to gather their feedback.

Feature in CIOB Construction, Research and Innovation

Wednesday 19th April, 2017

Nicholas Falk appeared recently in the Construction, Research and Innovation journal of The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB). The feature, entitled 'Why the London Green Belt has to go', summarises Nick's recent work (alongside Jonathan Manns of Colliers) on establishing a case for housing to the west of London.  

Download the file here - the article starts at page 20. 

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India's Urban Futures

Tuesday 11th April, 2017

Organised by the URBED Trust in partnership with the Urban Design Group, this event on India's Urban Futures is due to take place in London on May 11th. 


Part 1 - India's Urban Futures Symposium and Workshop - 2.30-5.30pm at Marshalls Design Space

Part 2 - India's Urban Futures - Feed Back and Conclusions - 6-7.30pm at Marshall's Design Space

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Construction starts at Kipling Garages

Buxton Building Contractors have started construction at the site of former garages on the Kipling Gardens Estate in Bermondsey. Designed by Bell Phillips Architects alongside residents, they will be building 27 affordable apartments and maisonettes. As construction progresses we will be working on a further assessment of the project against the footprint sustainable investment policy, as well as producing home user guides. 

Decent housing a necessity for a healthy society

Tuesday 4th April, 2017

In Sunday's Guardian letters (2nd April 2017), Nicholas Falk of the URBED Trust responds to an earlier piece on house prices

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Wisbech Garden Town - Dutch Visit

Monday 20th March, 2017

We have been working with a group of stakeholders in Wisbech on plans for a Garden Town over 18 months. The aim is to transform the town of Wisbech with substantial new housing developed linked to reopening of the railway line to March. Through our work this has been framed as a Garden Town with a series of garden city extensions to create sustainable new neighbourhoods. The problem is that most of these are affected in some way by flood risk. A study tour to Holland was therefore organised for all of the key stakeholders to see how the Dutch address these issues.

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  • Study tour map

Land value capture

Monday 13th March, 2017

A new paper by the URBED Trust's Dr Nicholas Falk, originally prepared for the Royal Society of Art's Inclusive Growth Commission, is available to download. You can view the executive summary below.


Sharing the uplift in land values

Smarter urbanisation and inclusive growth  


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Zero Carbon Britain: new report

Monday 27th February, 2017

A new report launched today by the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) explores the barriers to reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions, looking at how these can be overcome in a way that could bring a wide range of additional benefits.

‘Zero Carbon Britain: Making it Happen’ brings together a broad range of evidence from academic literature and grassroots projects to create a picture of the inter-related solutions that we need to reach zero carbon.

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Planning approval for West Bar

Friday 17th February, 2017

We were delighted to hear earlier this week that the West Bar scheme in Sheffield secured outline planning permission. This is a site we've worked on for many years alongside Urbo and most recently with 5plus architects. Urbo and delivery partner Peveril Securities Limited will now be working towards detailed planning applications for buildings as well as working to secure investors and occupiers. Work has already started on clearing the site and we look forward to seeing some construction soon!




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