About Us

URBED (Urbanism, Environment and Design) Ltd is an award-winning design and research consultancy based in Manchester. We believe in building sustainable towns and cities and enabling good design. 

We have many years’ experience of working with public and private sector clients on masterplanning projects across the country. We work at a range of scales, from the site-specific level, up to spatial strategies for entire regions. Many of these have resulted in built schemes that are now vibrant and successful places. Our vision and expertise were recognised in the Wolfson Economics Prize, which was awarded to David Rudlin and Nicholas Falk in 2014 for their work on a 21st Century Garden City.  

Since we were founded over 40 years ago, we have been working to achieve environmental and social sustainability in urban areas from regional and city, to neighbourhood and building scales. We take a holistic approach which considers energy and resource use, climate, and transport, but also design quality and economics; for example, in our work on the Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood Network (SUNN) and Footprint

We believe that meaningful community engagement enriches our designs. We have developed tools and methods to facilitate this. This dialogue has enabled the completion of projects that initially faced local opposition. It has also encouraged local people and building users to participate in the design of their place

We have developed expertise in low-carbon architectural design, particularly in the retrofit of existing buildings. We see this as integral to the environmental sustainability and the long-term success of urban areas, improving health and well-being as well as climate and wider environmental outcomes.  

URBED is a limited company with cooperative rules, managed by its employee members. We are multidisciplinary - within the office there are urban designers, planners, architects, landscape architects, sustainability experts and geographers. Our collaborative values are reflected in the work we undertake with clients, our fellow consultants, and communities. 

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