Powering Down Together

Saturday 15th July, 2017

Our friends Carbon Coop have recently published a case study report of the pilot 'Community Green Deal' whole house retrofit programme - 'Powering Down Together' - a shorter s

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Videos from Indian Urban Futures event

Wednesday 12th July, 2017

A series of videos from the event run by the URBED Trust in partnership with the Urban Design Group are now available to view here.  


India's Urban Futures:  Transformation of urban form in north India The Haveli and the Villa

Sunand Prasad, past President of the RIBA and senior partner at Penoyre and Prasad


Smarter Urbanisation in Southern India

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Reflecting on "4x4 Manchester 2017"

Tuesday 13th June, 2017

Last month was the fourth year of our 4x4 events, arguably making it “4x4x4” if you’re as wedded to the concept as we are. The events are a series of fun and challenging talks about the urban environment, held on four consecutive Wednesday's in May.

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Guardian letters

Thursday 8th June, 2017

Nicholas Falk of the URBED Trust had another letter featured in the Guardian on Wednesday 31st May. 


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Article in Town & Country Planning

Wednesday 31st May, 2017

Nicholas Falk of the URBED Trust writes in the May edition of the Town & Country Planning magazine. Titled 'location, location location - funding investment in local infrastructure', Nick looks at how planning for housing and infrastructure can be linked together to get better value from public investment, by using multi-criteria analysis to assess strategic options and then by sharing the uplift in land values. 


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Third 4x4 event - Tonight!

Wednesday 24th May, 2017

Tonight we will be hosting our third "4x4 Manchester 2017" event at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation.

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Jason Crouch

Jason Crouch

Letter in the Guardian

Monday 15th May, 2017

Nicholas Falk of the URBED Trust writes in the Guardian on Wednesday 10th May, in response to a piece by Polly Toynbee and David Walker:


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Should good urbanists avoid green fields?

Wednesday 26th April, 2017

Today David is chairing the Academy of Urbanism's sold out spring debate, taking place in London 6-8:30pm. This year the academy is examining the contentious issue of where to build. We will hear arguments for and against the motion ‘This house believes that good urbanists should generally avoid green fields’.

Speaking for the motion:

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Jane's Walk: Granby, Liverpool

Monday 24th April, 2017

Join Gemma and URBED's Marianne on Saturday 6th May for a 'Jane's Walk' around Granby in Liverpool. The walk starts at 2:30pm and will last for 1.5 hours. 

Terrace 21 is a partner in a consortium of housing bodies working together to refurbish the empty homes in the ‘four-streets area’ of Granby. Our tour will take us momentarily back in time as we stand at the gates of the historic Princes Park, and look down the grand boulevard of Princes Avenue, imagining the wealth and prosperity this maritime city became world famous for.

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