In colaboration with artist Jeanne van Heeswijk we are working with young people and local residents in Anfield, Liverpool to look at the issues facing the development of their neighbourhood and explore how they can take matters into their own hands. 

This is a long term project, involving a fully participatory design process and the setting up of legal structures including a community land trust. This will ultimately result in a sustainable, affordable retrofit of a community facility and local housing. 


URBED, along with the finalists for last year's Wolfson Economics Prize, are urging politicians to take the politics out of settlements.

URBED's Marianne Heaslip will be speaking at an InnovateUK event as part of Green Sky Thinking in London on 21 April 2015.

We recently won this award for our work on a masterplan in Trent Basin in Nottingham. 

Urban Scrawl

Grow your own Garden City. David Rudlin outlines the economic case for developing a city like Uxcester

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We are absolutely delighted to annouce that David and Nick's submission has won the 2014 Wolfson Prize.


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