300 socially-rented homes in Leeds and Northampton are being upgraded with energy efficiency measures including solid wall insulation, roof and loft insulation, new windows and doors, air-tightness improvements, ventilation systems and heat pumps.  URBED is working as retrofit designer for EQUANS, providing detailing experience, thermal modelling, and support to site as we scale up whole house retrofit.

WS01 In Sholver - mapping community assets in the neighbourhood

Since January 2021, URBED has been working with Carbon Coop in two neighbourhoods in Oldham, Sholver and Westwood, to explore, shape, test, and own plans & projects designed to transform their neighbourhood and energy futures. Oldham Energy Futures puts citizens at the front and centre of decision making and planning in their local area, which is the key to kick-starting the energy transition. 

URBED Illustrative Masterplan

'Love Wolverton' is a £35 million redevelopment of the Agora Centre in Wolverton, Milton Keynes, providing new low-traffic streets, 115 energy-efficient homes, independent shops and an energy microgrid.


On Thursday 4th November at COP26, URBED’s Marianne Heaslip and Carbon Coop’s Jonathan Atkinson were presented w

As you may already know, we launched Urban Scrawl to further explore ideas and issues we come across a

Urban Scrawl

Grow your own Garden City. David Rudlin outlines the economic case for developing a city like Uxcester

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URBED have continued to build upon the success of the 2014 Wolfson Prize, with regular approaches for Garden Town design guidance.


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