On 22nd October 2019 we formally launched URBED+, an innovative collaboration between academia and practice. We have partnered with Manchester School of Architecture to form a vehicle for research, advocacy, education and public engagement in urban issues. This offers the opportunity to develop research that has real-world impact. 

On the 11th of September 2019 URBED met to discuss our response to the Climate Emergency. Sustainability has always been an integral part of our practice, but galvanized by recent climate activism, we came together to look at how we can do more. During that meeting we committed to embedding climate awareness more fully into the way we do business, the way we design places and the way we communicate our ideas.

David Rudlin and Shruti Hemani have spent the last five years collaborating on a series of large scale, some might say obsessive, hand drawn plans of cities across the world. Initially the idea was to produce an urban atlas. However as the project progressed, they developed a hypothesis based on what they were learning through the process of drawing these maps. Climax City, published by RIBA publishing is the result.


We are looking for an individual with excellent organisational and communication skills to join our team as a studio coordinator

It's been a whole month since our extra special 4x4 Manchester event "Sin City?" took place at Fairfiel

The UK Passivhaus Conference (by the Passivhaus Trust, of which URBED are members), is happening on October 29.

Urban Scrawl

Grow your own Garden City. David Rudlin outlines the economic case for developing a city like Uxcester

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URBED have continued to build upon the success of the 2014 Wolfson Prize, with regular approaches for Garden Town design guidance.


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