Following URBED's Wolfson Economics Prize win in September 2014, David Rudlin was invited by Sheffield City Council to look at how the ideas might apply to Sheffield. Part funded by the council, and partly by URBED’s prize money, the study has developed into an urban companion piece to our Wolfson Essay.


Join us on Wednesday 13th July for a one off 4x4 special to discuss the Housing Crisis with guest speaker Danny Dorling.

Here is a photo of the Wythenshawe

Dr Nicholas Falk, Founder of URBED, argues that the solutions to our global urbanisation challenges might be found in the rise of ‘Metro Cit

Urban Scrawl

Grow your own Garden City. David Rudlin outlines the economic case for developing a city like Uxcester

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We are absolutely delighted to annouce that David and Nick's submission has won the 2014 Wolfson Prize.


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