We're working with Carbon Co-op in this BEIS funded project to develop local supply chains for whole house retrofit across Greater Manchester. This is one of six pilot projects in England. It aims to develop localised capacity to deliver retrofit works and inform future government policy and approaches.

Following work on Beeston Park Phase 1, URBED were appointed by AECOM on behalf of TOWN and U+I to take forward Beeston Park Phase 2 & 3. In a model, similar to Phase 1, that could help to bring forward more sites for housing forward where U+I will act as masterdevelopers by unlocking the site through the delivery of the primary roads and SUDS system.

On 14th November 2019 David Rudlin was awarded the 2019 "Fellowship in the Built Environment" by the 1851 Royal Commission. The Fellowship was introduced in 1995 to support research into issues facing the built environment, and this time asks the questions "what is the high street for, and what might the future high street be like?". 


We are looking for a Landscape Architect with an interest in urban design to join our team.

When a planning permission is bestowed, wealth is often created; the value of land with planning permission is often significantly higher than land

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Grow your own Garden City. David Rudlin outlines the economic case for developing a city like Uxcester

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URBED have continued to build upon the success of the 2014 Wolfson Prize, with regular approaches for Garden Town design guidance.


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