4x4 2018 - Creation

Tuesday 8th May, 2018

Last week saw us kicking off another year of 4x4 talks. This year we are focussing on the overall theme “City of Change” and we began with the topic “Creation". URBED intern Lucy Wallwork has written up the event, drawing together some of the issues. You can watch the live stream here, and packaged videos for each speaker should be up on the 4x4 website in a few weeks.

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Neo-Medievalism: Modern transport and the city

It wasn’t so long ago that urban visionaries were imagining the city of the future full of personal flying machines and hover cars. To some this conjured up a vision of the multi-storey mega city of Blade Runner or The Fifth Element, to others the endless expanse of Frank Lloyd-Wright’s Broad Acre.

Participatory Kitchen Design Workshop

URBED recently facilitated a participatory design workshop with the Sidney Street Café staff in order to tailor the proposed kitchen to their specific needs.

The workshop involved planning the kitchen at full-scale using templates of worktops and equipment. This was explored through discussions around kitchen workflows, training, servicing, and the presence of the counter and servery within the building.

The discussions and agreed arrangement have since been incorporated in the design, and will be developed further following the forthcoming planning application.

Thank you for your feedback

Our public consultation is now closed. We have received a great number of questionnaire back, both in paper format as well as from the online version. We will be reviewing the results and undertake an analysis to help inform the progress of the vision masterplan. We will share a summary soon.

If you have any other questions with regard to the scheme, please feel free to email us by contacting Helen at helen.berg@urbed.coop  

Food for Real Festival - Spring

Sunday 18th March, 2018

Our friends at Squash are running the Spring installment of their 'Food For Real' festival next weekend in Liverpool, with lots of activities, cooking, films and gardening. This Spring installment is focused on seeds and planting new ideas, as the first of four planned seasonal events in 2018. The event includes:   

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Another timeline event

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Timeline event

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Energy Efficiency in Your Community Event - 19 April, Birmingham

Wednesday 14th March, 2018

URBED's Marianne Heaslip will be speaking at a forthcoming event in Birmingham, with a focus on community-led energy efficiency.

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Tell us what you think!

We were in Bingham today, meeting and talking with local residents about our emerging Town Centre Vision Masterplan. We are very grateful to all the residents who came to see us at Bingham Library, who very kindly hosted us for the day.

Happy International Women's Day

Thursday 8th March, 2018

On International Women's Day Vicky reflects on some unsung planning heroes. This article has been reproduced with the kind permission of The Planner Magazine 

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