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URBED friends at BBC Food and Farming Awards

Sunday 16th June, 2019

We're delighted that Squash Liverpool have won in the 'best shop' category at the BBC Food and Farming Awards, held in Bristol on 12 June 2019. It's great that their work in providing healthy food and gardening activities in Liverpool 8 has been recognised at a national level. 

They were shortlisted alongside other friends of URBED, Homebaked bakery in Anfield, Liverpool, who were selected as one of the top three 'street food' companies in the country this year - recognising both their excellent pies and pastries and contribution in providing good jobs for local people in Anfield. We're very pleased to currently be working with their sister orangainsation, Homebaked CLT, to refurbish homes and business spaces on Oakfield Road in Anfield. 

It's fantastic that these community businesses are getting the recognition they deserve!

You can hear more about all the shortlisted projects here.