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Our response to COVID-19

Monday 20th April, 2020

The global pandemic has caused disruptions all around the world forcing a lot of us to combine our home and working life. At URBED we’re fortunate to have been able to transition smoothly to homeworking following our office closure. Having already set up remote working policies, procedures and IT systems, we were able to take immediate action in response to the outbreak. Whilst we have the occasional but often welcome distraction from children, pets and other household members we’re able to continue our services with very few obstructions.


Our main focus is on the health and wellbeing of our staff and collaborators. All of our staff are currently working from home with full access to the company’s shared database and with call forwarding active meaning we’ve been able to replicate our office environment at home minus all our lovely office plants and the hustle and bustle of the Northern Quarter. Our core office hours are 10am till 4pm to ensure plenty of crossover time so projects are not adversely affected but with some flexibility in order to encourage our staff to exercise and access fresh air during the day. Members of staff with extra caring responsibilities are able to adopt a fully flexible working pattern to fit around their additional duties.


Due to the wonders of technology we’ve been able to arrange video meetings with clients as well as keeping up with our internal meetings and virtual coffee breaks.


We hope you, your friends and your families remain well and safe. Looking forward to staying in touch and hope to see you all in person soon.



The URBED Team

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