Stafford Town Centre Masterplan

Stafford town centre masterplan
Stafford town centre masterplan
A figure ground of Stafford Town Centre
A figure ground of Stafford Town Centre
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  • Masterplanning
  • Strategy
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URBED were appointed alongside DTZ by Stafford Borough Council and Staffordshire County Council, in April 2014, to develop a vision and delivery strategy to catalyse the regeneration of Stafford Town Centre. 

URBED carried out a detailed baseline analysis of the centre, looking into a number of topics including its catchment, socio-economic profile, historical development, townscape and heritage, access and parking and open spaces and amenities.  The methodology for the study was based upon URBED’s report, Vital and Viable Town Centres, commissioned by the Government to inform their town centre policy in the mid 1990s.

The fundamental idea behind the Vital and Viable Town Centres report was that town centres can’t rely on the loyalty of their traditional captive markets but have to market and promote themselves, diversify their activities and make themselves much more convenient and attractive.

URBED structured the baseline analysis by looking into the 4As in Stafford - Attractions, Access, Amenity and Action.

DTZ, well placed with their local knowledge of the centre also carried out a study into retail provision and a commercial analysis of different land uses.

The study then looked into comparing the town centre with other centres of a similar size, inlcuding Bedford, Gloucester and Shrewsbury. 

Following the baseline analysis, a roundtable workshop with stakeholders was organised to build local knowledge of the centre, and test the assumptions and recommendations put forward from the initial baseline study.

The study then looked at possible options and futures for Stafford Town Centre, identifying areas for change. This process was informed by close discussion with the client, and the previous stakeholder workshop.

A public consultation was held on a busy shopping day in the centre of Stafford to gauge people views and opinions on the suggested projects and options for the centre.

The results from this informed the  vision and strategy with a list of projects based around several themes, project included:

  • Remodelling the guildhall shopping centre
  • Providing more parking
  • Providing new housing in the city centre
  • Investing in heritage assets
  • Animating vacant shop fronts
  • Converting vacant office buildings to residential uses

DTZ then carried out a delivery plan to put timescales and funding options for each of the projects identified.

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