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Jane's Walk: Granby, Liverpool

Monday 24th April, 2017

Join Gemma and URBED's Marianne on Saturday 6th May for a 'Jane's Walk' around Granby in Liverpool. The walk starts at 2:30pm and will last for 1.5 hours. 

Terrace 21 is a partner in a consortium of housing bodies working together to refurbish the empty homes in the ‘four-streets area’ of Granby. Our tour will take us momentarily back in time as we stand at the gates of the historic Princes Park, and look down the grand boulevard of Princes Avenue, imagining the wealth and prosperity this maritime city became world famous for.

Quickly we’ll then drop back to explore the streets of terraced housing Liverpool has now become famous for, the epicentre of the recent Turner prize winning project. We’ll visit the Granby Workshop, and view the now occupied two-up two-down houses. As we walk the streets we’ll also consider the role the public realm and community-led design have played in this hard-won renaissance.

We’ll then skip back across the Avenue to an area called the Welsh Streets, where we’ll consider the story playing out for residents of these terraced streets, similarly faced with demolition but now looking to an alternative vision for renovation. As a whole the tour attempts to invite people to view and discuss Liverpool’s creative response to the legacy of empty terraced houses, resulting from the incomplete housing market renewal initiative; and to consider how local people have been at the centre of plans now unfolding, and how in this regard Jane Jacobs would have passionately advocated the place-based, community-centred approach to urban planning we are beginning to see the results of in Liverpool 8.


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