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AECB conference 2017

Thursday 3rd August, 2017

The Association for Environment Conscious Building (AECB) National Conference 2017, which takes place at the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) in London on 15th September, will show how high quality homes can be delivered in volume.

The theme of the AECB National Conference is: Fixing the housing market by delivering better homes for customers and the planet.

The government’s Housing White Paper describes the housing market as ‘broken’. Mainstream housebuilding has fallen far short on delivering the 200,000 homes a year needed to reach the government target of one million new homes by 2020. Addressing the UK’s housing crisis, the White Paper points out, means not only building more homes, but ensuring those homes are ‘of the type people want to live in’.

New homes can be well built, perform well, and offer benefits in health and wellbeing, comfort, energy efficiency and reduced running costs. All too often however, consumer experiences of new homes are very different; today’s poor quality housebuilding could generate a legacy of problems for the future, contributing adversely to CO2 emissions.

Speakers will identify the risks and opportunities presented by evolving policy, ranging from the Climate Change Act to Brexit. They will look at the lessons from volume housebuilding and some of the alternative models for housing delivery. They will highlight how sustainable design and construction approaches, including factory build, can deliver improved living environments without slowing the development process.

As AECB members, we're looking forward to participating in this year's conference. We have a 10% discount code if you're planning to attend: mheaslip10

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