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The TEN Group visit Manchester | August 2013
The TEN Group visit Manchester | August 2013
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TEN (The Environment Network) is a small group of senior local government officers in London who have met regularly over ten years to share ideas and exchange knowledge on how to achieve urban renaissance. Using the principle of looking and learning they visit pioneering projects to draw out lessons that can be applied in their own authorities. In the process the members develop their skills as place-makers, and are able to build up the capacity of their authorities to tackle major projects.  This year's TEN Group subsription consists of three dinner debates, a symposium, a UK based study tour and a European study tour. 

2013-2014 members were: Grosvenor Developments, Ealing Council, London Borough of Camden, London Bourough of Lambeth, Haringey Council, London Borough of Newham, Stephen Tapper Associates, David Hennings, Tom Jeffrey.

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07.08.2013, 10:29
Manchester; First meeting of series ten of TEN

The first meeting of the tenth series focussed on Greater Manchester. Manchester has undergone a renaissance over the last two decades, and the centre now looks like a Continental city with modern trams, some great architecture, and an extensive high quality public realm. The results are credited to the proactive role of the City Council under the long-standing partnership of the Chief Executive Sir Howard Bernstein and the leader Sir Richard Leese. Their leadership has extended to the ten authorities of Greater Manchester allowing conurbation-wide governance structures to be developed for the good of the whole city.

Our study tour to Manchester took advantage of the fast Pendelino trains, and also the trams for a guided tour of recent developments. Highlights of the tour included Media City and the Lowry centre in Salford as well as a walk through Castlefield Park, where regeneration started with the reuse of historic buildings along the restored canal.

Our visit provided opportunity to meet up with local planners and addressed the following questions:

  • How can improvements to local connectivity be used to boost wellbeing and regeneration?
  • What more can be done to tackle the roots of urban poverty, and particularly access to good and affordable housing?
  • How can local authorities mobilise investment (public and private), and what can London and greater Manchester learn from each other?
  • What makes for successful city leadership in tough times?

The Briefing paper and report of the visit are available for download to the right.

Salford Quays, Manchester

The TEN Group walk from Deansgate-Castlefield to Spinning Fields

The public enjoy the sun at Spinning Fields square