The Steps to Quality Growth

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The report draws on a programme of action research using study tours and leadership masterclasses to identify the elements that lead to quality growth. 

The steps are: 
1. focus growth in the right places 
2. invest in sustainable infrastructure
3. build balanced communities
4. manage the public realm well. 

Each step involves four or five elements, with examples from good practice in the UK and elsewhere. The messages for government are to reform (not abolish) targets, incentivise collaboration through the equivalent of development corporations where cross-boundary action is required, encourage institutional investment, for example through a municipal bank, and enable local authorities to invest in sustainable development through greater local control over the use of tax revenues. 

The report provides a framework for local delivery companies to respond to the localism agenda, and for public leadership in achieving quality growth. 

The full report can be downloaded as a PDF from the left hand column of this page.

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