Selby Paper Mill

URBED were appointed by Ridig Paper Ltd in January 2017 to review an existing outline masterplan scheme, approved in 2012 for their former Paper Mill site in Selby, North Yorkshire. The former scheme was felt could not deliver the aspiration and the market renewal sought by both the client and Selby District Council. Selby is continuing its reinassance, which URBED helped kick start back in 2004 with the Selby District Reinassance work, and a renewed sense of purpose for the site to help create a sustainable new residential scheme to completement the existing local community and strengthen the waterfronts: the Selby Canal as well as the River Ouse.

URBED are working within a multi-disciplinary team of consultans and wider stakeholders, to bring forward a new outline planning application for the site and are thus working alongside Berrys, BWB, Selby District Council, the Canal and River Trust as well as the Environment Agency. 

The objectives for the scheme include providing a new residential scheme for a mix of housing that can complement the existing community. A sustainable scheme made up of key 'character areas', such as an improved canal waterfront and a green 'spine' in the heart of the scheme. The masterplan will streghten a walkable and cyclable neighbourhoods, provide access to high quality public realm including improved moorings and canal waterfront. 

URBED are in the process of consulting with the public on the emerging masterplan proposals for the site and the blog posts below provide information on upcoming events and exhibition material. 



Project blog

25.07.2017, 10:55
April Exhibition Summary Note

The team have been working on updating the illustrative masterplan and we have produced a short note to summarise feedback from the April consultation and explain how the masterplan has changed. This can be viewed under downloads >

Selby Paper Mill - April Consultation at the Cunliffe Centre


19.04.2017, 14:12
Selby Paper Mill Public Consultation

We are hard at work preparing our consultation material for the Public Event organised for Wednesday 26th April, next week! 

We look forward to presenting our emerging masterplan and vision for the site with members of the local community, and to gather their feedback.

We will be located at the Cunliffe Centre in Petre Avenue (Selby, YO8 8DJ), from 1pm till 8pm. Information about the project can also be found at