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The 'Retrofit Fact-file' is a short summary of facts and publications relevant to retrofit – the upgrading of existing homes to new energy efficient standards – released on Tuesday 13th September 2016 to coincide with Community Energy Fortnight.

With ambitious carbon emission reduction targets, increasing levels of fuel poverty and research showing the links between poor housing and poor health, energy efficient retrofit is increasingly being identified as the best way to tackle these environmental and social issues whilst attracting investment and creating new jobs.

The report draws on real world research collected from the Greater Manchester-based Community Energy organisation Carbon Co-op's Community Green Deal project. The project saw local owner occupiers benefit from multiple whole house retrofit measures, such as external wall insulation, triple glazed windows and solar panels.

The report indicates that the Carbon Co-op homes:

  • each saved an average of £900 per year on their energy bills 
  • cut their gas use by nearly a half 
  • have achieved 2050 carbon emissions targets today

Download the report here

Project blog

04.10.2016, 14:19
Retrofit Factfile features in Co-operative News

Our recently published Retrofit Factfile features on the Co-operative News website, highlighting the role that community energy (and co-operative models) can play in the successful roll out of energy efficiency schemes.