Our Building Blocks for a Low Carbon Economy

Our Building Blocks for a Low Carbon Economy
Our Building Blocks for a Low Carbon Economy
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Whilst the need for carbon reduction is now widely accepted, the pace of change is still nowhere near fast enough to deliver the emissions reductions that will need to be made. In the UK we have a habit of looking for the latest novelty instead of pushing ahead with the big changes that are needed. And they will need to be big. In fact everyone will need to be engaged – from big business to individual households.

For Manchester the stakes are high. The low carbon economy will be about building a city that is fit for the 21st century. It is about a collective endeavour in which every single decision will contribute. But the city has done it before, using it’s own ingenuity and the latest technology to meet the energy needs of the industrial revolution. So we think Manchester is up to the challenge.

And this is where we come in. Since the launch of our Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood (SUN) inititiative in Hulme in 1996 we have pioneered thinking on how to make cities low carbon. We have been working across Greater Manchester to make the low carbon economy a reality, providing guidance and support to identify the opportunities, get things moving and give people confidence that change can happen.

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