Learning from Helsinki and Stockholm

Hammarby power station, Stockholm
Hammarby power station, Stockholm
Hammarby water cycle
Hammarby water cycle
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This report was produced following a study tour of the TEN group in 21st-23rd September 2011. This was the seventh annual study tour to major European cities, and followed up the valuable visit in the previous year to Copenhagen and Malmö, which showed how much London had to learn from Scandinavian approaches to taming the car and managing urban growth. 

Lessons include the importance of concentrating development around transport nodes and promoting sustainable urban neighbourhoods. Both Finland and Sweden lead the world in access to education. Helsinki also shows how spatial visions for a compact city can be turned into reality through determined planning (and public landownership). Hammarby Sjostad in Stockholm shows how to minimise environmental impact through a ‘closed loop’ energy, waste and water system. As well as describing the new eco suburbs, the report also addresses the issue of upgrading peripheral estates, and neighbourhood management.

What is TEN Group?  TEN is a small group of senior local government officers in London who have met regularly over eight years to share ideas and exchange knowledge on how to achieve urban renaissance. Using the principle of looking and learning they visit pioneering projects to draw out lessons that can be applied in their own authorities. In the process the members develop their skills as place-makers, and are able to build up the capacity of their authorities to tackle major projects. 

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