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Braford Learning Quarter Plan
Braford Learning Quarter Plan
Braford Learning Quarter 3D View
Braford Learning Quarter 3D View
Braford Learning Quarter Topography
Braford Learning Quarter Topography
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Yorkshire and the Humber
Bradford Centre Regeneration
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The Bradford Learning Quarter Delivery Framework was commissioned by a stakeholder group led by Bradford Centre Regeneration (BCR), with representatives from the University and College, BMDc, and the major private sector investors in the area. The overall objective of the study is to coordinate the development and environmental investment activities happening around the University and College.

The work has helped coordinate the University estates plan with the emerging proposals for Bradford College, Beckside Park, together with private sector led transformation underway on a number of major sites around the area.

Perhaps the most important new contribution of the Learning Quarter Delivery Framework is the identification of three spatial themes to help shape the future role and function of land uses across the area.

Educational uses provide the Learning Quarter’s ‘front door’ along the Great Horton Road [Learning].Entrepreneurial infrastructure and live-work space associated with the knowledge economy will facilitate growth in intellectual capital [Living and Working]. Environmental parkland and cultural/performance spaces linking to Beckside will support knowledge transfer between academic and business and help create a powerful sense of place [Leisure].

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