The Blackfriars Project: a creative quarter for Gloucester

Gloucester, 26 April 2007
Gloucester, 26 April 2007
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The study will focus on the historic Blackfriars area, looking at the possible re-use of buildings including the 12th century Priory (the oldest set of Dominican buildings in Europe presently closed off to the public) and the former Fleece Hotel. The information that URBED gather will then be used to assess the opportunity of creating a new cultural and creative quarter in the medieval heart of the city.Dr Nicholas Falk, URBED Director, comments: Old buildings and creative businesses have often been the catalyst for regeneration in other cities, and given the archaeological heritage of Gloucester in the case of these buildings the location is exceptional.Options under consideration range from architects and design studios to buildings that will serve the needs of college students and young people. The research will form the basis for an action-planning event at the end of April to discuss the best way forward for this unique area.Chris Foley, South West RDA Gloucestershire Head of Operations said: As regeneration progresses we want to create a complimentary mix of old and new to revitalize this part of the city and make it a 'must visit' destination. This study will help to inform high quality development in Blackfriars and enable us to make the best possible use of the landholdings whilst remaining true to the values of the City's environment, history and heritage.Chris Oldershaw, Chief Executive of Gloucester Heritage Urban Regeneration Company said: Blackfriars forms a key part of the regeneration of the city, one of our Magnificent Seven projects flagship projects. It is not only important for its unique architecture and archaeology, but also because of where it lies within the city. Blackfriars links The Docks with the City Centre and therefore offers enormous potential for those seeking to locate their business within the area.Andy Ginn, Director of Arts and Media, Gloscat said The College is looking forward to working with industry, community, university and school partners in helping to create a space for visual and performing arts, music and media in this key part of the City, close to its key attractions and of course, the new Gloscat campus. 

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