Working with us

URBED is a multi-disciplinary practice employing urban designers, planners, architects, geographers and sustainability experts. We're proud of the blend of skills and experience that this brings to our work. We occasionally have opportunities for candidates who share our ethos to join our Manchester based team. 


Paid opportunities

We are not currently recruiting. If you would like to send your CV and portfolio for us to keep on file should an opportunity arise in future, please email 


Working co-operatively 

URBED is a worker co-operative; this means that we are owned and run by the people that work here, and that we have an equal say in what the business does. It also means we have an equitable share in the wealth created from the products and services we provide. All members of staff are expected to take an active role in running the co-op. All permanent employees become members following a probationary period, and our aspiration is for all members to also become directors of the company. On a day-to-day basis we run the co-op using working groups (for finance, personnel, IT, office management and marketing); these are a fantastic opportunity to develop and apply new skills. 


Flexible working 

URBED recognises the benefits both to the business and to our employees of working patterns that can accommodate all aspects of people’s lives – from caring responsibilities to greater community involvement, to hobbies etc. We seek to accommodate these requests wherever possible. A number of our current team work part-time or as a job-share. 


Equal opportunities

URBED is committed to equal opportunities for all – regardless of  age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race (including colour, nationality and ethnic or national origins), religion or belief, sex and/or sexual orientation. A copy of our Equal Opportunities and Dignity at Work Policy is available here



URBED receive a high number of applications for internships and work experience each year. As a small office we can only accommodate two or three placements each year, with minimal overlap.

We believe that internships should be accessible, should be awarded on a fair basis, and should not be economically exploitative. Properly structured and resourced internships make a positive contribution to our industry. They help to develop the skills and understanding of new urbanists, giving them access to experience that would otherwise not be possible . We do not offer unstructured internships, i.e. those not undertaken as part of a course of education, or EU or other work-based training schemes, with their associated funding, as this would unfairly exclude those who do not have other forms of financial support.

We will not use internships as a means of providing cheap labour. A reliance on unpaid internships to service fee-earning work is exploitative of the individuals involved and damaging to our industry. We believe that if we expect to be paid as a company for providing a professional service, we should expect the same for the individuals who carry out the work. URBED has a long track record of employing recent graduates and helping them to develop their career. If we need additional staff, we will take a suitable candidate on as an employee – either temporary or permanent - and pay them a reasonable salary. Applications should however note that an internship is not a guaranteed fast-track to a job at URBED.  

If you would like to apply for an internship at URBED you must first read our Internship Policy to determine whether you fall into one of the relevant categories.