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India's Urban Futures

Tuesday 11th April, 2017

Organised by the URBED Trust in partnership with the Urban Design Group, this event on India's Urban Futures is due to take place in London on May 11th. 


Part 1 - India's Urban Futures Symposium and Workshop - 2.30-5.30pm at Marshalls Design Space

Part 2 - India's Urban Futures - Feed Back and Conclusions - 6-7.30pm at Marshall's Design Space

Free of charge - all welcome - come to either or both parts of the event

PART 1: 2.30-5.30pm Symposium and Workshop

India has a population of 1.2 billion, only 30 per cent of whom live in urban areas. With one of the fastest growing economies in the world, the major cities are sprawling and many people live in slums with inadequate water and electricity. This half day symposium will discuss principles for ‘smarter urbanisation’ through a series of workshops on avoiding urban sprawl, pollution, and unaffordable housing. It will feed into a project that The URBED Trust is undertaking in the far South of Tamil Nadu with the SCAD Group (Social Change and Development) www.scad.ac.in

Sunand Prasad, founder of Penoyre & Prasad, and Past President of the RIBA will chair the event.
Contributions from UDG members Nidhi Bhargava and Jas Bhalla will set the scene.

Presentations from:
Sowmya Parthasarathy (Arups) on what smart cities need to offer,
Rajat Gupta, (Oxford Brookes University) on research into social housing, and
Nicholas Falk on his recent visit to Southern India, will pose questions for discussion.

Workshops will consider four inter-related sets of issues:

1. Transport
a. Making public transit more attractive
b. Improving walking and cycling
c. Managing the growth of car ownership

2. Housing
a. Stopping urban sprawl
b. Planning sustainable urban extensions
c. Designing and building eco-houses

3. Public health
a. Dealing with rubbish and building conservation
b. Upgrading water supply and the green infrastructure
c. Improving nutrition and well-being

4. Community engagement
a. Managing and extending public spaces
b. Conserving neighbourhood heritage
c. Supporting community and voluntary enterprise


PART 2: 6-7.30pm India's Urban Futures - Feed Back and Conclusions

Session hosted by The URBED Trust, the conclusions will be fed back to those interested in India and the growth of emerging economies. It will discuss how Indian and British organisations could work together.

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