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Communicating Climate Change

Monday 16th October, 2017

URBED are supporting a masterclass in communicating climate change in Manchester on 22nd November, in collaboration with Climate Outreach, Carbon Coop and the Carbon Literacy Project. 

The class will be led by George Marshall, co-founder of Climate Outreach and one of Europe's leading experts on climate change communications and engaging new audiences. 

The session is designed for anyone engaging directly with the wider public on climate change, especially as a grassroots community level. Participants will range from community level activists through to local authorities and educational organisations interested in reaching a wider public.

The masterclass will be suitable for a non-specialist, and will be presented in a highly engaging and non-technical manner. At the same time it will contain much essential information for seasoned professional communicators drawing on the latest research and practical evidence.

For more details and to book a place visit: https://communicating-climate-change.eventbrite.co.uk

(The 'Don't Talk About Climate Change' poster is the work of Canadian artist, Franke James www.frankejames.com, read more about the remarkable story behind the artwork and her battle with the Canadian government here: http://www.frankejames.com/ottawa-citizen-artist-accuses-government-of-misusing-its-censorship-powers-to-silence-her/)

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