Ste Garlick

Ste joined URBED in 2015 as an Urban Designer and Part-2 Architectural Assistant. His experience at URBED includes working on large scale masterplans such as Seaburn and Chapelgarth, public consultations, and architectural projects. He has also assisted in preparing and running a participatory public exhibition for the ASRM Summer of Architecture festival in Frankfurt.

Ste graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2013 with a Masters of Architecture, where he developed an interest in socially engaged architecture and alternative architectural practice. He has undertaken two dissertations exploring responsible and resilient forms of urban redevelopment following conflict and disaster, and a final year thesis that studied politicised urban spaces for assembly and debate.

Prior to joining URBED he gained experience working on a range of architectural and masterplanning projects at SimpsonHaugh & Partners in Manchester.

Ste is currently undertaking an Advanced Diploma in Professional Practice in Architecture, leading towards his qualification as an architect.

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Ste Garlick

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