Francesca King

Francesca King BA DipPM Chartered MCIPD  (former) Director

Francesca, a sociology graduate of York University, with particular expertise in community engagement and capacity building, led the highly successful Entrepreneurial Management Skills (EMS) programme for voluntary sector managers. URBED projects have included Managing Mixed Communities for English Partnerships and the Housing Corporation, and Cambridgeshire Quality Charter for Growth, which had a study tour to Freiburg and the Netherlands.

She managed a town centre study of Northcote Road in Wandsworth which explored how the essence of 'special places' can be retained. She worked for the ATCM on a European Interreg programme (TOCEMA), with partners in France and Belgium, to disseminate good practice on six town centre concerns, and to devise key performance indicators, and also provided consultancy support to the ATCM on their National Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) Pilot, a programme of support to twenty two UK towns.

Francesca was responsible for 10 years’ public liaison during construction of the More London site in Southwark (home of the GLA), and took this work further in supporting the Estate Management team including writing for their newsletters, and organising study tours to companies who add value through their customer service such as Prêt à Manger.  She managed two research projects for SEERA, one on Councillor Attitudes to Higher Density Housing, and the other on Sustainable Suburbs in the South East. Francesca was also responsible for producing an Action Plan for South East Excellence, the South East England Development Agency's regional centre of excellence for the built environment.

Now she is virtually fully retired from URBED, with time being spent in Nice with Chris, and awaiting the imminent birth of their first grandchild.

Francesca King