Eleni Kalkantzi

Eleni is the newest member of URBED, she has recently relocated to the UK from Greece, where she was working as a free lance Civil Engineer for a couple of years and was mostly involved with planning applications and surveying.

She was first interesting in sustainability, during her civil engineering studies, and wrote a successful thesis in reusing old containers in order to build sustainable dwellings. After completing her studies in civil engineering at the National Technical University of Athens, she came to the UK to attend an MSc in Energy and Sustainable Building Design. Her dissertation was analysed in detail specific design proposals for a mixed used building in order to meet the required environmental criteria and simulation in terms of the thermal, ventilation and daylight performance.

Her studies, combining civil engineering and sustainable building design have determined her professional interest, which are energy surveys and assessments, sustainable building design and construction. Within URBED she is working as a sustainability consultant.

She enjoys a light hearted game of badminton and basketball as well as spending time in crafting and painting.

Eleni Kalkantzi

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