Charlotte Dew

Charlotte joined URBED in 2019 as a Chartered Landscape Architect and an Urban Designer. Prior to URBED she worked at Randall Thorp, where she was involved in the landscape assessment, landscape architecture, urban design and masterplanning of large residential developments for private sector clients at various stages of the planning process. Before this, she worked at Urban Green where she designed the landscape architecture of university campuses and residential developments, and designed large private gardens.

Experience at Harrison Design Development included crematorium and cemetery design, town square regeneration and enhancing accessibility by foot, cycle and horse around sensitive parts of the countryside.

Charlotte also has experience in the public sector from working as a Landscape Architect at Lancashire County Council in large multi-disciplinary teams, working on projects focussing on ecology, public realm, heritage, coastal defence, highways and education.

Charlotte graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University with 1st Class BA(Hons) in Landscape Architecture, followed by a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture at Manchester Metropolitan University. She has since become a Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute.

During her studies, she developed an interest in how green infrastructure can sustainably and resiliently manage the effects of climate change and create attractive, multi-functioning and ecologically rich environments. Charlotte is also passionate about the landscape’s potential to contribute to improved health, wellbeing and social cohesion.

Charlotte Dew

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