Retrofit Advocacy

Retrofit Advocacy is a course developed by Helen Grimshaw at URBED and delivered regularly for Carbon Co-op. A two-part course accredited by the Carbon Literacy project, it is designed to give attendees the knowledge and skills needed to motivate others in their community to improve the energy efficiency of their homes, reducing carbon emissions, improving comfort and reducing fuel bills.

This simple, two-part participatory course is designed to help householders, volunteers and professionals to confidently discuss energy efficiency and inspire others to find out more about retrofit, for example, when on a stall at a local event, in a meeting or workshop or with friends and family. 

The course is designed around the Carbon Literacy standard four key principles of:

  • Local learning: this is achieved through looking at their own home as well as those in the region. There is a clear call to action on energy efficiency and retrofit from the global to the local level.
  • Delivery by peers: the course combines peer and expert delivery. In focusing on the home it encourages participants to relate back to their own circumstances. A Carbon Co-op member who has experience of retrofitting their own home is on hand to share their experience and assist with the delivery.
  • Group enquiry: The course format encourages participants to find their own answers and devise their own solutions through a combination of individual and group activities.
  • Positivity: Retrofit is a very positive approach to tackling climate change as well as delivering other benefits such as improved thermal comfort, reduced fuel bills and fuel poverty. There are many barriers to the wider uptake of retrofit, these are referenced but the focus is on what help is available to empower people to make small or large changes to their homes (and wider community).

The training has been accredited by the Greater Manchester Carbon Literacy Standard and those who successfully complete the course receive a Carbon Literacy Certificate. 

If you are interested in attending a Retrofit Champions course, or would like us to run it within your organisation please contact Carbon Co-op on 

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18.09.2017, 16:45
Retrofit Champions training

We held another course at the URBED office in November 2016. Here are some images of our learners in action.