ASRM Lab: Architektur Sommer Rhein-Main 2015

URBED have been invited to take part in Architektur Sommer Rhein-Main 2015 - ASRM Lab 2014: Region im Fluss. This is a multi-disciplinary workshop organized by the directors of Architektursommer Rhein-Main in association with D.A.M and the Kulturfonds Frankfurt Rhein-Main.

ASRM Lab 2014 aims to look at some of the regions most problematic and neglected urban and semi-rural spaces - and in so doing explore ‘the regional city’. The workshop ran over 4 days with particpants visiting sites, discussing with local practices and planners from the different regions the constraints and issues facing each area, working together on ideas and culminated in a presentation of initial ideas. The ideas generated from the workshop will be exhibited at D.A.M - and at the opening, on May 20th 2014, we will present our ideas for the region and propose a smaller scale intervention to communicate these ideas. ASRM Lab 2014: Region im Fluss represents Part I of the programme. Part II, ASRM Expo 2015: Region im Fluss, is scheduled for July-Sept 2015. This will comprise a series of temporary art/architecture interventions that will respond to the findings of the workshop, animating and disseminating our central theme: cities growing together.

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Participants included:

AWP, Paris: (Marc Armengaud, Matthias Armengaud, Berenice Gentil)feld72, Wien: (Michael Obrist, Veronika Kovacsova)KCAP, Rotterdam / Zürich: (Michael Trinkner, Hagen Zeisberg, Yoo Na Ho)LOLA landscape architects, Rotterdam: (Eric-Jan Pleijster)Magma Architecture, Berlin: (Martin Ostermann, Peter Fabirkiewicz)SKT Umbauplan, Bonn: (Ines Knye, Jens Trautmann, Tom Sieverts)Superpool, Istanbul: (Gregers Tang Thomsen, Yelta Köm)URBED, Manchester / London: (David Rudlin, Emily Crompton, John Sampson)

Project blog

11.06.2014, 09:39

For those of you that can read German, here is an article on the the ASRM Lab exhibition



22.05.2014, 12:51
ASRM Lab: Exhibition

The launch of the exhibition included short presentations of the ideas for the region from the workshop participants. Our ideas are summerised on the boards to the left.

The exhibition at DAM

David presenting URBED's ideas for the region

URBED's exhibition boards at DAM


09.04.2014, 12:41
ASRM LAB: Workshop

We took part in a 3 day workshop as part of the Architektur Sommer: Rhein-Main. We visited 2 sites, both situated on boundary lines in the region, and subjects of potential planning conflicts.

The workshop at DAM

Offenbach's failing office quarter

Wiesbaden Site

A tour of central Frankfurt

URBED team hard at work